Confessions of a Keyboard Cowboy

When I arrived at Bible college in the Fall of 2007, I quickly discovered there were two groups of Christians on campus. There were the “cool” Christians, and there were the “super” Christians. The cool Christians listened to secular music, watched rated “R” movies, attended public school, played sports, cussed a little, read Harry PotterContinue reading “Confessions of a Keyboard Cowboy”

Antiracism is Anti-Christian

“Antiracists fundamentally reject savior theology that goes right in line with racist ideas and racist theology” -Ibram Kendi What is Antiracism? I believe the church is under threat by a new movement called Antiracism. Now this isn’t something new. Throughout history the church has been hijacked by many political, social, and spiritual movements. But whatContinue reading “Antiracism is Anti-Christian”